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The purple uggs women hand wraps the Clog series   The hand package of luxurious style's unique lining is worth paying attention, newest promoted may wash the leather to have the excellent functionality and the fashionable breath, the decoration matches by the zipper and makes the old golden color metal, multi-style's frill processing has highlighted feminine gentleness well. This series travels the satchel including shoulder Bao Yu, a section of large size knapsack has the short suspenders and the transportable pectoral girdle specially, the intimate design, the soft feel as well as the magnificent outward appearance, are with extend to the brand spirit inheritance, has unfolded the purple uggs unique design idea perfectly.   The purple uggs women hand wraps the Shearing series   This series promoted two-sided has used the suitcase, had nearby the magnificent fold and the tassels decoration, made with purple uggs Australia the genuine sheepskin, and used the flash nearby the skin to decorate, the fashionable nova which echoed mutually with the UGG fall winter clothing shoes boots series, walked you who on fall winter avenue can be surely most sparkles.   purple uggs Coat (Outwear Collection)   From the wool series, the leather series to 100% goose down series is the clothing product which this season purple uggs host hits. The leather series is made by the laundering and the micro fold wool, the classical inside lining has chosen the soft knitting unlined upper garment, sends out is remembering past times the breath. In addition has also promoted a more suitable autumn to be putting on the wool, the wool knitting series, and the more child clothing product, during maintenance brand consistent characteristic's, causes the brand to be more comprehensive richly, has provided more riotous diverse choices for the consumer.


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